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Three tips for decluttering your frugal family home

12 May 2016
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When your family lives on a strict budget, it's easy to fall into the habit of hoarding possessions in case they're needed in the future. With this sort of attitude and behaviour it doesn't take long before your family home is filled to the brim with clutter. If you're ready to say goodbye to your hoarding lifestyle and bring a little order to your domestic chaos, check out these three tips for decluttering your frugal family home.
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Avoid These Common Mistakes When Maintaining Your Lawn

5 May 2016
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If you are working hard to maintain your lawn, but you have a lot of dead spots or unhealthy grass, it might be due to using the wrong techniques. Here are some common mistakes to be sure you avoid. Using Fertilizer Incorrectly Make sure you are using fertilizer on your lawn regularly, as it helps to grow healthy grass. However, don't just assume you can use any fertilizer and choose when to use it on the lawn.
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Why Natural Turf Is the Best Choice for Your Home Garden

25 April 2016
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Homeowners looking forward to laying new turf in their gardens generally have to choose between natural turf and artificial turf. Turf suppliers have a responsibility to truthfully answer any questions that homeowners might have regarding the type of turf they want. If you're not sure which kind of turf you want to install in your garden, here are some benefits of natural turf to consider. Lower risk of injury No parent wants to see their children get hurt when playing out in the garden.
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Essential hydroponic supplies for any aspiring hydroponic gardener

21 April 2016
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Rather than using soil, hydroponics involves the growing of plants using water, a growth medium as well as a nutrient solution. This offers outstanding control levels over water, nutrients, light, and temperature among other external aspects, enabling gardeners to improve their yield productivity, even in inadequate space. If you want to try out hydroponic gardening, you need first to look for the hydroponic supplies for your garden. To assist novice gardeners, here are some of the important hydroponic supplies they should search for.
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